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George Godsiff (Bronze) by Julia Godsiff
George Godsiff – Memorial Sculpture (Bronze)

GEORGE GODSIFF (1900-1983) Bronze

George was my father-in-law. I did this portrait of him after he died. He was a very special person. He worked in Greenwich power station all his life where he developed very strong muscular arms. He lived through 2 world wars. As a Naval Cadet in the 1st World War he carried messages on foot from Greenwich to London and back for the young Churchill. During the 2nd World War he was an Air Raid Warden. He fed his family from his garden keeping chickens, growing vegetables, flowers and fruit. I learned a lot about gardening and politics from him. I sculpted him in his gardening clothes as that is how I like to remember him.  
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Greenwich Park - Day and Night (Painting) by Julia Godsiff
Greenwich Park Day and Night (Painting)
Despite the solid blocks of colour this painting has a dream like quality of the unlikely pink moon rising together with the view of a blue sky at the same time.
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Mother and Two Children (Bronze) by Julia Godsiff
Mother and Two Children (Bronze)


The mother dances with her two children but she is also is endlessly tied to them in a graceful circle of movement. She bends over them protectively but their weight also causes her to stoop. It symbolizes the continuous bond between parent and children in an unbroken endless moving circle.
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Spring (Bronze) by Julia Godsiff
Spring (Bronze)

SPRING (Bronze)

This represents the life force moving upwards towards the light. The female form moves into the male form which moves into a form which could be lovers entwined or the new bud on a flower just opening, symbolizing the process of new life being created.
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The Dolphins (Ciment Fondu) by Julia Godsiff
The Dolphins (Ciment Fondu)
This is the maquette commissioned for a block of flats and is actually standing 12 foot high outside the flats called Dolphin Place in Cape Town, South Africa.
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